The City of Milwaukee is conducting a comprehensive study of industrial land use to chart a strategic course forward for our City. By exploring the following questions, we can ensure that Milwaukee remains a vibrant hub for industrial activity:

  • How much industrial land is needed to meet future demand?
  • In what circumstances would industrial land be better used for residential or commercial purposes?
  • How can our land use policies better support job creation and economic development?

The draft plan is now available for review!

Help us shape the plan!

Now is as important a time as ever for cities and communities to envision a future. During this difficult time of social distancing, we've adapted a virtual public outreach process to safely incorporate the voice and vision of residents and stakeholders into the planning process. Please see below for two ways to share your thoughts and insight. You can attend one of several virtual public meetings and/or complete three activities. You can also email to provide your input.

Our Process

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